About us

Who is Liquid Mercury?

Liquid Mercury was founded by Melisa Bleeker,  with the concept of gathering some of our local and international premier emerging and established artists, producers and DJ’s under one banner.

We represent only the highest caliber talent  and set the  benchmark for marketing and promoting our entertainers.

One of our core beliefs is to keep each entertainer true to their authentic selves by matching their gigs to the music they are passionate about playing, producing or performing. Experience has taught us that  passion translates into a high energy exchange between the entertainer and their supporters, making for a magical experience.

We also have the inside info of what is “HOT” on the Jo’burg party scene. Check our facebook page (melisableeker) for more on where to be!

Tell me more about Melisa?

MelisaMelisa is an intense, energetic and contagious force who  has gradually carved a name for herself in the local party scene.  Her love for music is primal, she feels the  music, hears the colours and sees the sounds!


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